Power reduction plug P03A-1

Solenoids/Manual overrides

Power reducing plug direct solenoid mounting. Contact arrangement in accordance with DIN 43650, form A (ISO 4400) for DC switching solenoids from  29 or bigger. The protection class of the power reduction plug is IP65 when fitted according to EN 60 529. The connecting cable has to be attached to the screw terminals in the plug.

Electronics Power reduction plug P03A-1

Power reducing plug P03
•    After energising solenoid current is reduced by 50%
•    Direct mounting on the valve
•    Protection class IP 65
•    Housing types for solenoids from  29  


The housing is splash-protected, and can be used over a wide temperature range. The power reduction plug is suitable both for industrial and mobile use. The plug can be rotated through 180°. It protects continuously energised solenoids (e.g. used as a safety device) from overtemperature and premature ageing. By overenergisation, a valve which is in deenergised normal position (eventually seized piston) can be switched straight through under high-power. Once the power has been switched on, nominal current passes through the solenoid for approx. 380ms, thereafter the current is limited to half of the nominal value by the cycle controlled output stage. If the power reduction plug version 90…230 VAC/DC is supplied foralternating current, it is nevertheless advantageous to use a DC solenoid.