WVPPM33 / WVPPM42 Proportional valve

These valves are hydraulically actuated proportional spool valves in cartridge construction. The spool and sleeve are made of hardened steel, and according to the K8 standard, the external parts are zinc/nickel-coated.

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Brake systems

Braking systems ensure the controlled deceleration and secure standstill of a complete plant respectively of its moving components. As security-relevant elements, they have to meet very high requirements. These depend on the particular range of applications. Braking systems thus have to be designed specifically for the intended service surroundings. The control of proportioning valves is performed...

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Ex-proof valves

The proven directly operated flow controller from Wandfluh, in the nominal size of M33, is now also available in an explosion protection execution. The valve is available as a 2-way function with the designation QNBPM33. The solenoid coil is explosion protection certified for underground and opencast mining and can be used worldwide. The corresponding approvals exist for ATEX, IECEx, EAC, INMETRO,...

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Solenoid coil with an MA certificate

For use in explosion hazard areas, Wandfluh has also certified the proven MKY coil for the mining sector in China. This coil is available in the 24VDC variant with a power of 15 watts. In addition, the option is also available with integrated amplifier electronics. By this, proportional valves can be controlled directly with an analogue voltage or current signal.

The electronics with a...

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