Integrated bipolar protection diode


Solenoid coil for 28VDC applications with a protection diode

Wandfluh has extended the solenoid coil WDE45 / 23x50 with a 28VDC voltage. The coil can be sensibly used where the supply voltage nominally rather is at 28VDC. If a 24V coil is used for this voltage, this leads to a reduction in the operating condition with respect to the maximum ambient temperature and the maximum duty factor. With the 28V coil, this situation can be avoided, and the characteristic values listed in the data sheet are fully available.

The 28VDC coil has, in addition, an integrated bipolar protection diode (TVS), which reduces voltage peaks caused when the coil is switched off and consequently protects devices that are connected to the same voltage supply.



Further details can be found in the 1.1-182 data sheet.