Active around the globe

The founding of Wandfluh Holding goes back to 1985, a year after two new Wandfluh sites were opened in Germany and the USA. In 1992, Wandfluh UK was added, and in 1993, a mechanical production facility was taken over from Ascom in Switzerland, which has been operating under the name Wandfluh Produktions AG since then.

The company’s international activities have been expanded with the opening of a company in France in 2001 and the establishment of a Wandfluh company in China in 2005.

Wandfluh Hydraulics + Electronics Switzerland

Wandfluh AG, based in Switzerland, is on the one hand the development and manufacturing plants for valves, electronics and basic powerpacks, on the other hand it runs its own department which designs, calculates and implements hydraulic solutions.

Wandfluh Hydraulics + Electronics America

Wandfluh of America Inc. is located in Mundelein, near Chicago. Its many representatives all over North America are supported from here. In addition to distributing Wandfluh products, Wandfluh of America focuses on trade, consulting and service as well as on ensuring that all US standards are met.

Wandfluh Hydraulics + Electronics Chine

Wandfluh (Shanghai) Hydraulic System Co. Ltd. se trouve dans le district sud ouest de Shangai. En plus de la représentation des produits Wandfluh et de la réalisation de solutions hydrauliques, des types de valves individuels sont produits pour le marché chinois. Afin d‘assurer la présence dans les centres industriels les plus importants de Chine, Wandfluh China opère deux sites complémentaires à Peking et Changsha.

Wandfluh Hydraulik + Elektronik Allemagne

Wandfluh GmbH avec siège à Emmingen, près de la frontière suisse, est un fournisseur renommé de solutions hydrauliques pour le marché allemand. En plus, Wandfluh Deutschland se pose comme représentant de tous les produits Wandfluh fabriqués en Suisse.

Wandfluh Hydraulics + Electronics China

Wandfluh (Shanghai) Hydraulic System Co. Ltd. is located in the southwestern district of Shanghai. In addition to distributing Wandfluh products and implementing hydraulic solutions, the China site also produces individual valve types for the Chinese market. To secure its presence in the most important industrial centres in China, Wandfluh China operates two further sites in Beijing and Changsha.

Wandfluh Hydraulics + Electronics Germany

Wandfluh GmbH, based in Emmingen, near the Swiss border, is a renowned provider of hydraulic solutions for the German market. In addition, Wandfluh Deutschland acts as a distribution partner for all Wandfluh products manufactured in Switzerland.

Wandfluh GmbH Austria

Wandfluh GmbH Austria based in Dornbirn, near the Swiss border, was founded in 2018. The company serves existing and new customers in the Austrian market and acts as a distribution partner for all Wandfluh products manufactured in Switzerland.

Wandfluh Produktions AG

Wandfluh Produktions AG is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical precision parts and assemblies in Switzerland. In addition to mechanical processing, Wandfluh Produktions AG offers a broad service portfolio ranging all the way to international shipping including transport and customs documentation.